The Hollow

Session 04

Part returned to adventure guild and with the proof, became official members with shiny badges. Their first bounty is to cleanse a haunted chapel in Hathor’s Hold. As celebration, they went out drinking.

At the end of the night, Terumi appeared to Izhar and forced him to confront captain Valyn. Izhar met Valyn who explained that he has to steal something from the Hollow for Terumi. Izhar agreed to help. The rest of the group are still unaware but they are finding Izhar to be suspicious.

The next day, the party headed out to Hathor’s Hold. The chapel was infested with undead and some sort of aberration — a mass of flesh with many mouths and eyes. Despite this, the party managed to defeat the monsters and through a prayer to Pelor, purify the chapel.

When they reported what happened at the guild, the clerk was very concerned — the flesh monster sounded like the work of the drow…

Session 03

Party tried the sequence: herb→oxen→wolf→man. It was wrong. Poison explosion!

The mad druid showed up, turned into a wolf monster attacked the party. Party won. Then tries sequence again with wolf last. It worked. There was a ring inside the alter with a shield with a sigil shaped like a leaf.

Afterwards, party managed to talk to captain Valyn and get inside the Hollow. Inside the Hollow, they started to explore some options:

  • finding Ankilash Den: tried the mining guild. clerks were very unhelpful
  • Nazenan’s contact: Naz managed to find Lyna Kalo in the dust quarter. Almost got killed doing it. She will help in the future.
  • extra work: went to the adventurer guild. Will be allowed to join once they defeat some imps as proof of strength.

Party fought imps and got 4 elemental cores, necessary as proof.

Session 02

Party assists the caravan in recuperating from the Goblin ambush. Wagons are fixed, wounds are mended, people are calmed. Party get a reward for acting as guards for the remainder of the caravan.

Party reaches Southgate, but there are massive delays in getting admitted to the Hollow. Ellie Greenleaf negotiates a deal for them. A mad druid is causing trouble in the nearby Glimmerwood. If the party can solve the problem, they will be allowed in the Hollow immediately.

Party goes to Glimmerwood. They pick up a trail and follow it to a fetid bog. Along way, they fight and defeat some twig blights.

There is nobody in the bog. But in the center, the party finds an altar made out of a tree stump. Carved on the side of the altar is a stylized arrow going upwards diagonally. There are four slots along the arrow. Atop the altar, there are 4 crudely carved wood figurines: a man, a herb, a wolf, and an oxen.

Session 01

Party receives a task from Lord Antoin Runeville. They must investigate trouble in his mine in the Hollow, a place called the Ankilash Den. Shipments from the mine have been coming in light. The Underlords of the Hollow refuse to give information so Runeville sends the adventurers in.

The party is paid 200 GP each for discovering the problem and a further 300 GP each for solving it. It is not going to be an easy task.

Party researches the Hollow. They discover many interesting details but not many concrete facts. It is a dangerous and often secretive place

Party travels to the Hollow via caravan. They are attacked by wolf-riding goblins on the way. After a brutal fight, the goblins are defeated.


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