The Hollow

Session 03

Party tried the sequence: herb→oxen→wolf→man. It was wrong. Poison explosion!

The mad druid showed up, turned into a wolf monster attacked the party. Party won. Then tries sequence again with wolf last. It worked. There was a ring inside the alter with a shield with a sigil shaped like a leaf.

Afterwards, party managed to talk to captain Valyn and get inside the Hollow. Inside the Hollow, they started to explore some options:

  • finding Ankilash Den: tried the mining guild. clerks were very unhelpful
  • Nazenan’s contact: Naz managed to find Lyna Kalo in the dust quarter. Almost got killed doing it. She will help in the future.
  • extra work: went to the adventurer guild. Will be allowed to join once they defeat some imps as proof of strength.

Party fought imps and got 4 elemental cores, necessary as proof.



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